Interactive Computer Center

FundaVida’s three interactive computer centers break the cycle of poverty by changing young people’s perspective from one of entitlement to empowerment.

The centers counter-act school desertion by igniting a joy of learning and developing students’ critical thinking skills.

Three key questions trasform a young persons perspective:
1. What problems do you see?
2. What resourses do you have?
3. What solutions can you offer?
As a result a child moves from feeling impoverished to learning that they can become change agents within their own communities.

Over the last year, FundaVida has seen three-fold increase in robotics participation and graduation rates. Partnering with Fundación Omar Dengo, 456 youth graduated from FundaVida’s Interactive Computer Center (including 3 public presentations for local affiliates, the U.S. Embassy, and Fundación Omar Dengo).