FundaVida’s goal is to bring life-giving hope to children and youth trapped in the destructive cycle of poverty. Without intervention, poverty will continue to destroy generation after generation.

“Poverty enslaves young people with a mentality of entitlement that demands: “I’m poor. You owe me!” Despair leads to desperation and desperation to violence, drugs and prostitution. At FundaVida we believe we can break this destructive cycle through caring people and programs that address the multiple needs these children face. We bring hope and opportunity within reach, empowering them to take responsibility, encounter their God-given talents and share those talents with others. I invite you to watch the video and to use your power to join with us. Together we can break the cycle of violence and poverty in Costa Rica.

“Hope changes everything”

Chris Dearnley,
Founder and President

  • Interactive Computer Center

  • Bilingual Training

  • Youth Club

  • Counseling Program

  • Educational Support