Youth Clubs

Mentoring acts as a moral anchor for at-risk students.  These clubs nourish the moral and spiritual needs of kids and teens. They learn core values and find a safe place to develop healthy friendships.

Every other Saturday, FundaVida conducts a “Kids’ Club” for children 6-12 in the neighborhood of Concepcion de Alajuelita.  With 23 committed volunteers, this program reaches 150.  Many of the teens in the Teen’s Club volunteer their Saturday mornings to help with the program.

For the teens ages 13-18, FundaVida designates two nights a week for the “Teens’ Club.” Now featured in all three communities, this program offers a place where teens can discuss real life issues (drugs, violence, sex, etc.) as well as find companionship with others seeking to make right choices. Highlights for the teens included a youth camp in the mountains, a service project serving poorer families in Puntarenas and a talent show displaying their amazing abilities.

On average, 250 youth participate each month.