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FundaVida Programs

Interactive Computer Centers

Students learn computer skills and develop core competencies in order to increase tech-related job opportunities.


Young people learn English through interactive programs with tutors and specialized teachers.  English proficiency greatly increases chances for employment.

Youth With Purpose

Through this program we accompany young people in their development by providing them with mentors and talks to nurture their values, personal and professional growth.


Due to the high incidence of fragmented families and abusive relationships in these communities, FundaVida offers psychological counseling to help children and adults deal with these problems.

Educational Support

FundaVida provides tutors to help kids achieve their educational goals.  Young people also have access to safe spaces with conditions conducive for studying.

Pandemic Relief

Due to the severity of the pandemic crisis, we are providing food to families who are in desperate need, and an internet connection or device to children without access to education.

Who We Are?

We believe that hope changes everything. FundaVida provides hope by empowering Costa Rican youth to break out of the destructive cycle of poverty. Through goal setting, encountering their God-given talents and developing educational tools, students develop a promising future.


Empowering young people through award-winning programs to overcome violence, poverty and dropping out of school.


To break the destructive cycle of poverty by offering hope  to at-risk young people in troubled communities.

Where We Are?

FundaVida works in three at-risk communities near San José, Costa Rica: Concepción de Alajuelita, 25 de Julio and Linda Vista de Patarrá. In 1996, through the efforts of FundaVida’s founder Chris Dearnley, FundaVida began to reach out to young people in Concepción de Alajuelita. In the year 2000 FundaVida started in the neighborhood of 25 de Julio and in 2005 in the community of Linda Vista.

Our Values

Purpose, Hope and Freedom guide all of our core programs and inspire additional activities in FundaVida. Every year students go to serve a community poorer than their own. They gain a new perspective and learn to help others. Purpose replaces apathy. When funds are available, students attend a week-long camp, exploring their God-given purpose, the power of forgiveness and the importance of gratitude. Hope replaces despair. Through our “Women Empowering Women” talks, successful female entrepreneurs inspire the hearts and minds of young girls. Many girls, 8-12 years old, join our S.T.E.A.M Girls group (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and find the courage to break-free from cultural norms. Freedom replaces fear.

Current Sponsors and Alliances

Previous Sponsorships and Awards

The Problem

FundaVida is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping and empowering young people to overcome the main problems of Costa Rican society and to break free from harmful and destructive cycles. Without intervention most children from these neighborhoods end up selling either drugs or their bodies. The statistics below reveal this sad truth.

School desertion

  • 8 out of 10 young people in high-risk areas drop out before graduating from high school. (State of Education).


  • 92% of minors in high-risk communities use drugs. (Costa Rican Institute on Drugs).
  • 2/3 of the crimes are linked to the use, distribution or trafficking of drugs.


  • The PANI (Patronato Nacional de la Infancia) estimates that there are 3000 girls involved in prostitution, most of whom started around the age of 10.
  • According to data from PANI (Patronato Nacional de la Infancia) in recent years, more than 1000 complaints have been received about cases of sexual exploitation of minors.
  • The OIJ (Judicial Investigation Agency), dismantled a network involving photographers, who were accused of producing child pornography with victims between the ages of 11 and 17.


  • In 2017, Costa Rica broke the national record for reported homicides, with 603 murders and a homicide rate of 12.1 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Changed Life Stories

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A Changed Life


A Changed Life


Vidas Cambiadas


A Changed Life


Vidas Cambiadas


Vidas Cambiadas

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The Solution

Pandemic Fund -$75,000

Our most urgent funding need is to help children currently in our program. Funds will enable us maintain our connection through education, counseling and relief efforts.

Bridging the Digital Divide -$50,000

Without a device or internet connection, kids lose access to opportunity. This will provide access, and teaching to those who need it most.

Empowering S.T.E.A.M Girls- $150,000

This will help empower young girls through access to computer coding, robotics and motivational workshops.

The G-Force

HBS Section G and friends who are being the difference.

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