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“My name is Daniela, I am 12 years old. I am in 6th grade and I live in Hatillo. My life has been full of surprises, some not very pleasant. For example, when I was 5 years old I had a glands surgery. Later on, when I was 10 years old, I broke my right knee and then when I turned 11 I had surgery for appendicitis. My visits to the hospital have been very frequent.

I’ve been bullied at school since I was in kindergarten. That has been very difficult for me, but I decided to ignore what they say about me and I don’t allow that to affect my performance in school. I´ve always been very diligent with my homework and I’ve done great in most of my exams.

I don’t consider myself very good at expressing what I feel and I´m a very quiet person. This is something in which FundaVida has helped me a lot. Thanks to all the classes I’ve received, I am now more independent, more self-confident and I can express myself better.

I’ve been attending FundaVida for 5 years and thanks to them, I’ve learned to make robots, to speak in English and to do my homework better. My time at FundaVida has been a very fun experience, it has definitely helped me in many things.”


November 19, 2021


A Changed Life