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“My name is Dimmerson and I am 8 years old. My friends say that I have a lot of energy and great creativity, which is why I am passionate about learning new skills in FundaVida’s programs. I came to FundaVida in 2019 and learned about all the wonderful things they offer. My favorite classes are robotics and computer science, my mom says I’m very good at this.

Last year was very difficult for my family. With the pandemic, my mother lost her job, and since my brother and I couldn’t go to school, my mother’s had to take care of us, help us with homework and do all the housework, while looking for a new job. Thanks to FundaVida, we were able to participate in the virtual classes, they even helped us pay for internet so we didn’t miss any lessons. The love we received from teachers like Becky was very special and we love her very much.

Thanks to her English classes, I love this language and one of my dreams is to live in Canada and be a chef. But for the moment, if I could make a wish I would like to go visit my grandmother who lives in the rural area of Costa Rica, she lives in a large field and since there are not many people living nearby, I can play and run outside without worrying about catching COVID”.


November 19, 2021


A Changed Life