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My name is Jeffrey Josué and I started coming to FundaVida when I was 8 years old. Since the first day, I was very interested in everything the organization does.

Today, with 15 years of age, I am an example of the support they give young people and children. In FundaVida, I learned from how to use a computer, to build a robot by myself. I learned to accept myself as I am, to be respectful of my peers and not to make fun of others when they are wrong. I am sure that everything I learned will help me when I get a job.

Throughout these years, I have taken many courses and I keep all certificates I received in a folder, to remind me of what I am capable of doing. I remember that when I was in the second grade, I had to repeat the year because I had eye problems. I could not see the blackboard very well, or the writing in the exams. Fortunately, with a lot of effort my parents managed to buy me glasses. After that, and with the FundaVida’s help, I was able to pass all my exams with grades from 90 or more, from third to sixth grade. That makes me very proud of myself and I will always be very grateful to all the people in FundaVida for their love and patience. They even gave me a computer so I could connect to classes during the pandemic!

One of my biggest dreams is to finish studying so that I can buy a house for my mom who deserves it so much.


November 12, 2021


A Changed Life