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“My name is Jessenia, I am 45 years old and a I have 4 children. A year ago, my husband passed away and it has been the most difficult time of my life. Knowing that I had to take care of everything by myself, I felt scared and a lot of sadness. However, as a mother, I knew that I had to get ahead for my children, so I decided to start studying again, something that I had abandoned many years ago.

At FundaVida, I not only found academic support, but also very special people like Kenya, Jenny and Becky who helped me not to give up. At a time when everything seemed extremely complicated, I managed to pass the math exam with 90 and finally get my high school diploma. That motivated me to set a goal to get into college and thanks to God´s help and FundaVida, a door was opened for me at the Universidad Internacional de las Américas with a scholarship to study Medicine.

Because of my age, I never thought I could do it! I know that the challenge is very big, since it is a difficult career, but I am going to give all my effort to accomplish this dream. Today I feel very fulfilled as a woman and it fills me with joy to know that I am an example for my children”.


May 4, 2022


A Changed Life