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My name is Josep. I am 18 years old. I live with my sister, my mother and my stepfather. I had the opportunity to take a course at FundaVida when I turned 13. I remember that the first course I took was digital animation which I loved so much that for several years, I dreamed of becoming a designer. After that, I took some computer courses, English and I started attending the Youth with Purpose, where I made many friends. I am still in touch with most of them. FundaVida was also the first place where I was able to study English. Studying English really helped me to realize that I had a passion for languages. I have studied Portuguese and Mandarin on my own.

At FundaVida they always tell us that we can achieve anything we want in life. With the help of teachers and conversation clubs at Amazon, I improved my pronunciation and grammar and was even able to volunteer helping other students learn English. I really felt the need to give back. In my last year at FundaVida, I had the opportunity to learn about programming and got a certificate in programming. Because of that, I realized that I want to study Systems Engineering. Thanks to everything I learned at FundaVida, I discovered what I want to study and my passion for languages.

A few months ago, I managed to finish high school with a Service Agent certificate.  Now I have a job. I work as a trilingual technical support agent, and it is all thanks to what I learned in FundaVida. Now I want to go to college, take some other language courses and help my family


November 12, 2021


A Changed Life