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“My name is Rebeca and I am one of the FundaVida moms and a student of the English Program. I am 33 years old and I am the mother of three girls. I was born and raised in a large family in Puntarenas, a high risk neighborhood in the rural area of Costa Rica. Later in life, I moved with my family to Concepción Arriba de Alajuelita. One day I saw a friend’s daughter picture on Facebook, she was graduating from FundaVida’s English program and I automatically decided to find out what the foundation was. I never thought that FundaVida would have courses for me! As soon as I heard from it, I decided to take the English class myself.

Thanks to this English course and the support of my teachers, I got a full scholarship to study Business Administration at UNED. Something that I never thought I could achieve. At FundaVida, I worked hard and managed to greatly improve my soft skills, now I am a lot more confident. After 12 years of living in Alajuelita, I had to return to Puntarenas due to the pandemic and the lack of job opportunities. However, the foundation has supported me so that even from here, I can continue studying  and my daughters can continue their virtual english and robotics classes that they enjoy so much ”.


November 25, 2021


A Changed Life