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My name is Tifany Calderón Duarte, I am 18 years old, I live in the Ciudadela 25 de Julio, with my parents and my brother.

The neighborhood where I live is very difficult. I live in the middle of drug trafficking, women getting pregnant at a very young ages and people doing drugs. I grew up thinking that this was my destiny.

I went to FundaVida for the first time when I was only 9 years old. Our family was in the middle of the great poverty and without much hope of having a future. Thanks to FundaVida, with a lot of effort, I was able to finish high school. They motivated me to pursue my dreams. However, what I value most, is that they have always been there to support me.

I currently have a job that they helped me get and very soon I will be going to university. Today, my future is full of light and faith in what is to come.


September 20, 2020


A Changed Life